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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  March 18, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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we're waiting for president obama to speak any moment on the crisis in libya. and the united nations no-fly zone resolution. >> "abc 7 news" will carry a special report and we will go live when it happens. >> and the storm is hitting the bay area and high winds we're getting from it. in san jose you can see the effects on trees. >> and san rafael, knocked down trees and power lines. marin county jail is lockdown because of power problems. eric thomas joins us from there.
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>> the civic center and the jail as you mentioned are without power but they are among the 250 customers of pg&e who are all without power right now because of what is going on down there. as you can see the tree that is laying down in the middle of the road, that brought down power lines. the jail is on the back-up power and it's working but the jail automatically goes to lockdown during a power failure. that is what has interrupted the service, the rain as you mentioned and raining right now and the wind continuing to bring down a tree at madison and washington in san rafael. so not only the power of the wind involved here but the saturated ground is involved. pg&e crews are on the scene but because of the tree and the winding of the power lines and everything is situated down there, they have no estimate on when the power is going to be restored. once again, people concerned about the jail, auxiliary power
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is on there. no problems but the jail is on lockdown and inmates are inside their cells. it's raining on and off with a lot of force here. let's check in with mike nicco and get more on the forecast. >> that is great description of the rain and i was watching the radar. they were estimating at nearly an inch per hour as they were moving through napa county and into eastern contra costa county. they are moving very slowly to the on east at 20 miles per hour. so more worried about flooding right now in the north bay but as we head into the bay and south bay, i'm worried more about the winds because they are gusting around 40 miles per hour at sfo where we nearly have 150 minute flight arrival delays. strongest storms around berkeley moraga, stretching across the bay to south san francisco, san mateo, foster city to half moon
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bay where we really have heavy rain and the thunderstorm over the ocean that is pegged through pescadero. >> south bay is affecting feeder storms. it's still about an hour away for you. same thing for the east bay valleys. it will be another half-hour to 45 minutes. second one is stronger and comes in sunday. i'll tell you about in the first full forecast. now the latest in japan. operators of the center of a nuclear crisis are acknowledging for the first time today the last resort be to bury the crippled power plant to prevent a catastrophic radiation release. meantime, today, a u.n. diplomat in vienna that the timing the radiation will hit southern california and there is no
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radiation risks that poses health to people. they raised it on four to five on seven level scale. that means the disaster is on par with a partial meltdown of three-mile island in pennsylvania. meanwhile, japanese prime minister is calling on the nation to unite in rebuilding the country from scratch. it was a week ago that the quake and tsunami hit killing thousands. now a report from osaka. >> this morning, firefighters are spraying water on the damaged reactors at the fukushima daiichi and all volunteers on a mission that could end their lives. the crews are spraying tons of water on all reactors but paying particular attention to reactor number three. on thursday, new video revealed the devastation there. >> this is an amazing video. first of all you see the steam coming out. >> you can see right into the reactor. you can see the destruction that
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took place inside. you are not supposed to be able to see it. >> for the first time japanese officials have been overwhelmed by the massive quake and tsunami meamg that japan will accept what help they need from the u.s. they have provided five high pressure water pumps to assist in cooling the reactors. >> we're trying to bring the assets to bear to cool down the reactors, cool down the fuel rods and we hope it will take us in the right direction. >> to mark the one week anniversary of the tragedy, they observed a moment of silence, thousands continue to live in shelters, crude and scarce. others are evacuateing. >> we've been advised by the u.s. ambassador and by nuclear expert friend of mine that we should get out for now. >> the death toll has topped 6,000 and more than 10,000 are still missing. some evacuation centers say they are still waiting for relief one
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week after the quake hit. >> janelle wang is in u.c. berkeley where is one of places that is monitoring the radiation. what are you hearing? >> the nuclear engineering department here is sending the latest air samples and should be ready in an hour or so. there could be some activity but it would be so tiny it would be insignificant. to break it down, would you find thousands of counts of elements in the area. just basic everyday levels. experts believe that any f may matter reaches here, it may cause those numbers to go out two to ten counts but basically less than 1 percent. that means there is no health risks at all. they will capture rain water to get more detailed results. >> because the rain that comes down is this, that activity down to us.
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much more efficient way than here. >> we've been seen this map by the nuclear test ban treaty organization forecasting the radiation plume from japan. they called this map very misleading, first of all there is no plume. second of all, you can't project how the weather is going to carry particles and third, it's virtually impossible to map out air particles to sweep across the pacific. so basically don't worry. and medical experts say don't take those potassium iodide pills because the risk of harm outweighs the benefits and those pills could affect the normal function of your thyroid. >> in the midst of all the devastation there is a happy ending to an animal story that has captured the world's attention. you may have seen this video of two dogs in japan, one was injured, the other refused to
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leave his friend. they went viral online. animal rescuers confirmed that the injured dog is in a vet clinic and his loyal one is in a nearby shelter. it has helped animal advocates raise $100,000 to help pets that were displaced. >> another story of hope coming out of japan. a baby boy was born yesterday through a doctor and his wife. the birth comes six days after water from the tsunami rose to the fourth floor of the hospital that their child was born in. two-thirds of the staff and patients at that hospital are still missing. >> all the suffering they have given him hope. people must keep walking ahead and look forward. >> miap families along japan's eastern coast are returning to their homes to find nearly
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nothing left. most say they arerying to salvage what they can and figure out how tort over. if you want to donate to the quake victims, we have a list of the organizations on our website. >> now to the crisis in libya. president obama is expected to speak any moment on the situation there. at the meeting with congressional leaders from both parties. the president is likely to address the embattled leader's declaration of a cease-fire on government attacks on forces. the move came hours after the united nations security council authorized a no-fly zone overlibya. and okay for u.n. troops to use force to protect civilians. >> khadafy's refusal to hear our calls to hold down violence against the people have left us with no other choice than to pursue this course of action. >> hillary clinton is not impressed by the libyan's
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government of a cease-fire. she wants to see evidence to support the claim that they are not attacking civilians. >> first the latino report card sought. >> and major announcement on the future of san francisco tradition of the bay to breakers race. >> and a serious situation is developing just to the west of belmont, san carlos, redwood city. you see the times. radar, live 7 hd is picking up rotation within the storm. it could drop a t [ m ] yes.ntern.
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i'm tracking developing situation san mateo county, burlingame, foster city and san carlos in the way of a potentially tornadic thunderstorm. live doppler 7 hd. you see the update is picking up rotation within this storm so you need to seek shelter now if you live in those areas. get to the lowest floor, most interior room and wait for this storm to pass you by which it will do in about 20 minutes. a tornado warning for san mateo county until 11:30. >> community leaders saw the than veiling first ever silicon valley report card in san jose this morning. they commissioned the report in conjunction with several other nonprofit organizations. it measured life, education, financial stability, health, housing and environmental sustainability. they also looked at ways to increase access for latinos to
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obtain some of the highest paid jobs and those in the tech industry. >> it takes a lot of different approaches but you see a lot of quality of life indicators in the report card. it will make a difference if we auto the data to make change in the community. >> the report card comes after the latest census data shows a 20% increase in the past decade. >> bay to breakers race found a new sponsor. they have agreed to sponsor the race for the next two years them had warned the race could be cal settled after they announced a previous sponsor was pulling out. they have sold all 50,000 tickets for the 100th anniversary race coming up in may. >> follow up to a story we
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mentioned a few weeks ago. stanford, possibly expanding to the east coast. stanford is preparing to build a research and engineering campus on roosevelt island. it's just east of manhattan. complex could cost a billion dollars, house up to 2200 students. the mayor asked leading institutions to submit ideas for science and engineering centers hoping to attract more tech firms and talent in the area. stanford's proposal would be called silicon valley ii. >> mike has more. >> let's check on the radar. where the tornado could possibly go. you see foster city, hayward at 11:38 and 11:44 newark, we are seeing rotation in the middle of the storm that it could produce
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a tornado uy are going to have gusty winds and heavy rain and small hail so seek shelter now. >> and back upin this in the moment and companies are warned against the new 3-d devices and they may end up being a lifesaver. >> and members of a coastguard are recognized of saving the some say a longtime student association -
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on campuses for years - has morphed into something else . the muslim students association has been a virtual terror factory. these are msa leaders, who've been implicated, charged and convicted in terrorist plots. their goal? to implement islamic government here in the united states has this mainstream college support group become fertile ground for radical islam? erick stackelbeck investigates.. on the 700 club,
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firefighters have blocked off part of pacific avenue as what is being described as funnel cloud that did serious damage to a business. about 9:15 they heard a huge gust of wind and then a rattle and then everything went dark. press democrat shows what you
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they found but the death toll of 150 foot section clapping the entire structure. it cut power to several nearby homes and one block stretch between the streets remain closed for the next several hours for cleanup. if you have additional pictures please send them to us.
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gusty winds an small hail out of this. we have a lot of rain in the north bay, flooding will be a big concern and entire line. right across the san mateo bridge and notice how it has a little bit of curvature, that is the curve to your. that is where the inflow is coming into the storm. this is where the winds are coming in from the back of the storm. we're getting a curvature and that is where the rotation will be the greatest. redwood city over fremont and hayward. seek shelter and leave the tv on and listen to my voice. we'll keep you, keep you updated
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on what is going to happen. here is the big picture. we see the cold front pushing through right now. we are going to have heavy weather move through the bay and into the south bay. south bay get ready. this is all coming your way. 49 in napa and temperatures are all around the mid-50s right now. let's talk about brain and breezy conditions, isolated thunder and small hail. showers will be more on and off and small hail and even snow down to 3500 feet around mount hamilton. strongest storm overall will hit sunday with heavier rain and even faster winds than the 35-45 mile-per-hour gusts. mid 50s in the north bay. around the monterey bay, we have low to mid-50s with the rain moving in late this afternoon and into the evening hours. temperatures tonight we will be
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low to mid 40s and scattered showers. here is a look at that cold front. look, it's so wet. it's moving backwards to the west. that is when you know you have a pretty stout storm. here is the storm heading into the south bay exiting by 3:00. notice the showers that are behind it. scattered showers all on throughout the evening and see the snow developing tomorrow afternoon we're dealing with showers and the stronger storm moves in. early sunday, mid-morning sunday at 9:00 through midafternoon. this is the one where we can have faster wind and more rain and power outages. two to three inches of vein possible in the north bay and santa cruz with an inch or two around the bay. accu-weather seven-day forecast, every single day has rain in it, all the way through so hayward
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where potential tornadic shower. seek the lowest floor. >> we're going to continue on i
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